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Construction works completed for the New National Stadium

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A general view of the new National Stadium which construction works has finished, according to the Japan Sport Council (JSC) on November 20, 2019, Tokyo, Japan.


The construction works have been completed at the new National Stadium according to the announcement fo the Japan Sport Council (JSC). On November 19th, the JSC announced the new National Stadium’s facilities, including the field, seats, and pedestrian decks around the stadium, are completed and ready for council authorities’ inspection on November 30. The venue is set to host the Emperor’s Cup soccer final on January 1st as a first public sporting event, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Constructions works

After three years of complicate preparations, the construction works ended with a cost of 152.9 billion yen (1.4 billion dollars), cost under the government’s budget, with a capacity of 60,000 seats (colored in five different earth tones) ready for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Games. A completion ceremony will be held in mid-December, followed by an event to show the stadium to the public. However, the stadium shouldn’t be given to private businesses before the Olympics for security reasons.


Next events

The Emperor’s Cup soccer final is set to be held on January 1st as the first public sporting event held at the venue, followed by the 2020 Summer Games between July 24 and Aug. 9, and the Paralympics from Aug. 25 to Sept. 6.

Kengo Kuma at FCCJ

The architect of the new National Stadium Kengo Kuma visited the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan to speak with the press about the construction of the new venue for 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the controversial decision to move the marathon competitions to the north of Japan, which was expected to be held at the National Stadium.



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