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Koike asks Tokyo’s restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m.

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Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike wearing a face mask speaks during her regular press conference at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Koike announced new emergency measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 cases in Tokyo. (Rodrigo Reyes Marin/ZUMA Press)
Photo by Rodrigo Reyes Marin. All Rights Reserved 2020.

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Tokyo’s restaurants and bars “izakaya” (Japanese-style) will be requested to close its doors by 8 p.m. as part of the emergency measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said on her regular news conference, on Friday, that restaurant operators should stop serving alcohol by 7 p.m., while allowing them to open from 5 a.m., adding the measures will take effect on Saturday.

Prime Minister’s office and Tokyo metropolitan government had been discussing which type of businesses should be targeted for special measures, and when should take effect after Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency for seven prefectures, including Tokyo, on Tuesday.

The metropolitan government’s plan has created three categories:

  1. Universities, cinemas, live music venues, night clubs, pachinko parlors and internet cafes.
  2. Schools, nursery schools and welfare services.
  3. Medical institutions, financial services, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels and public transport providers, among others.

Koike said the metropolitan government will compensate with subsidies of 500,000 yen (around 4,600 dollars) to companies that fully comply with the requests, and won’t request closures by shops selling daily necessities.

The Japanese capital is implementing emergency measures to reduce the coronavirus spread in the city, including that some businesses close from April 11 to May 6.

Tokyo has reported the highest number of COVID-19 infection cases in the country, rising every day.

If you want to see Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike’s video in English version, please click here

Source: Kyodo

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