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Tokyo2020 Unveils Uniforms for Field Staff and City Volunteers

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Tokyo 2020 Unveils Uniforms for Games Staff and City Volunteers
July 19, 2019, Tokyo, Japan – Japanese singer and actor Shingo Katori (C), who is a member of a panel to decide the uniform design for Games staff and city volunteer, poses for the cameras with Games Staff (L) and City Volunteers (R) during a news conference to unveil the Field Cast and City Cast Uniforms for the Tokyo2020 Games. Photo by Rodrigo Reyes Marin


Organizers of the Tokyo2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo2020) unveiled the uniforms for Games Staff (the Field Staff) and City Volunteers (the City Cast) during a news conference, on Friday, at its offices in Tokyo.

The Japanese actor Shingo Katori, who was the youngest member of the group SMAP attended the event as a member of a panel to decide the uniform design for Games staff and city volunteer. After the conference, Katori answered questions from journalists nevertheless he didn’t answer questions about the recent problem between the Johnny & Associates Inc., one of the most powerful talent agencies in Japan, suspected to press television stations to ban the ex-members of the boy band SMAP.

Also Hiroshi Sato Vice Director General of Tokyo2020, Mitsuchika Ikoma Vice Governor of Tokyo and Yoshiko Ikoma chairperson of a panel to decide the uniform design for Games staff and city volunteer delivered a speech to the media and posed for the cameras at the end of the event.

Uniforms theme

The uniforms are designed to be “cool”, in both senses of the word, with breathable material that counters the heat, water-absorbent and quick-drying for when it’s wet, in other words, made it for the (hot and humid weather) in Tokyo. Also, the uniforms are made using recycled polyester and plant material and colored using a special dyeing process which uses a low amount of water.

The theme of the uniforms are the “unity in diversity”, it has a unisex design for all volunteers of all ages, sizes and physical conditions to wear it comfortably. Its accessories including (hats, bags, jackets, shoes, and socks) have been designed and produced in collaboration with the Tokyo 2020 official sportswear provider, ASICS Corporation.

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