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Japan’s biggest Doll Pyramid for Girls’ Day Festival

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Japan's biggest Doll Pyramid for Girls' Day Festival
February 20, 2019, Tokyo, Japan – A 7 meter in height doll pyramid adorns the Elumi Kounosu Shopping Mall in Konosu city. Approximately 1,830 Hina-ningyo (a type of Japanese doll) are on display on 31-tiers of a huge pyramid at the main area of the Elumi Kounosu Shopping Mall to celebrate the Hinamatsuri also called Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day, which is celebrated on March 3rd. Families yearly display the dolls at home to wish for the healthy growth of girls. Konosu city is known as ”Doll Town” for a number of factories making Japanese dolls. It has 380-year-old history of making dolls. The exhibition is held from February 20 to March 10.

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